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Massage Services

New Clients $10 OFF FIRST VISIT ONLY when booking for a 60 or 90 Minute Service. Any services less than 60/90 min. cannot be combined together for a specific 60/90 min. service on our booking software for $10 off when pre-booking. Same policy for Gift Certificate Purchases. Please contact us for any questions.
when booking to reserve an appointment is required with Health Form completed before seen.

*Aromatherpay Oils $5 Great for tension and migraine releas
*Foot Scrubs $5 Perfect for dry skin, calluses and helps moisturize the feet.
*Cold Stone Therapy & Cold Face Mask : $35 Release migraine and headache tension. 

Swedish: Light pressured soft connective tissue manipulation and helps with circulation, muscle and nerve relaxation, stress relief. Please note this is NOT  the same pressure as Deep Tissue  30 min $65, 60 min $95, 90 min $135

Cellulite Fascia: A specialized massage to eliminate the appearance of cellulite applying pressure quick moevement to the skin of the affetced affected areas od cellutlite using our brand new Ashley Black fascia tools for an incredibly effective fascia experience. Biofreeze included during the session if desired. Drink plenty of water and icepack for less muscle inflammation.. 30 min $75, 60 min $115, 90 min $155

Deep Tissue: A completely hands on personalized deep tissue massage for deeper layers of muscles to help release knots and tensions. Biofreeze included if desired. *Note: This is not Swedish service focused on for relaxation, it's intense pressure working on deeper layer muscle tissues. Please drink plenty of water and ice pack due to muscle inflammation. 30 min $95 60 min $135, 90 min $175

Lymphatic DrainageThis specialty service a very gentle light massage that helps to direct lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and cleans toxins, proteins, cancers cells, viruses, and dead cells. Once a large amount of toxins are eliminated, the body is able to relax more deeply and use its' energy more directly to regenerate the cells. *We do not offer Post-Surgery Lymphatic Drainage including Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Please ask us before you schedule your appointment.
30 min $65 60 min $105, 90 min $135

Hot Stones: Swedish Massage on the rocks is a great service that eases muscle tension, decreases stress, and increase circulation. Water heated stones used in oil to apply pressure and heat to the body using basic swedish techniques. *Note: Deep Tissue is not included in this service. 30 min $95 60 min $115, 90 min $155

Craniasacral Therapy: Soothing scalp and neck massage that is great for release muscle spasms, headaches and tension in the jaw or neck. *NOTE: this is not a facial. 30 min $65, 45 min $75

Pregnancy/Pre-natal: For Mommy’s to be! This is a perfect service for you. Pregnancy or pre-natal promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, increase endorphins in strained legs and back muscles for expectant mothers. Please note that accupressure points, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stones is NOT performed or included with this service. *Must be 14 week Trimester for this service.

60 min $95


*Payment Policy: No partial/full refund of all of the services and we do not offer over 90 minute hour massage services.


*Heated eye mask and water bottle included in all services.


Any open wounds MUST be covered. Also, please tend to personal hygiene before you come in since we do not have shower facilities. 

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